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6 Methods To Increase Free Instagram followers

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media service all over the world. There are approximate 400 million users of Instagram and they upload approx 80 million photos everyday. So there is a potential value of Instagram.
it is considered as a valuable marketing tool for business also. Instagram is also slowly adopting paid advertisements. Instagram Mobile ad revenue grew upto $3 billion by 2017. Companies are giving thousands of Dollars to Influencers per post. 
So if you want to earn money then you have to increase your instagram Followers and I am exactly telling you how to increase Instagram Followers : 

6 Methods To Increase Free Instagram followers


1. Using Instamoda :
                            Instamoda is one of the safest and fastest growing SMM Panel. Instamoda is a service provider which provides you free followers on Instagram. 
In this process your account is neither followed by anyone nor you following increases.
It is a great tool for getting thousands of Free Instagram Followers.
In this process you have to login with your another account (fake account). You can create another account on Instagram very easily.
Then login with your ID and Password. 

Then an OTP Will be sent to your mobile number or E- Mail Id registered with fake account.
You have to simply put that OTP in the showed section. Then You will be logined on Instamoda. But this website is in Turksih Language. You have to translate in your own language by Google Translate.
You can see the process here :-

So, if you want Followers then you should go to Followers Tab. and enter the real account name
(on which you want followers - your real account) and select the followers count and the process will start.
It is amazing - right ! You can increase thousands of followers in few hours.
But there is a twist is the story. These followers are not permanent.
Around 10 - 20% people will unfollow you after some time.
You can also get Free Likes On Instagram, Free Story Views, Free Comments easily.

I have also made a video about this whole process. You can watch that YouTube Video here :-

2. Using Hashtags :-

                             Hashtags are words or group of words that categories one image from another on Instagram.
Using Hashtags is one of the best ways to get Engaging and Active audience on Instagram. 

Celebrities to person like us, uses Hashtags
to show their Pictures or Post to a large number of audience. Using Hahtags can also land you upto DISCOVER PAGE on Instagram.
Here is a tip for you . If you have less then 10K Followers on Instagram, then you should go with the hashtags less than 50k Posts.
If you select common words like ( #instagood , #instamood, #fashion) , then there are 0 Possibilities of ranking of your photos on that particular hashtags. So there are less chances of getting likes , comments and followers in this case.
But If you select Hashtags related to your Niche, Style of Photo , with less than 50k or 100k posts then there are great chances of getting viral of your post on Instagram. 

The more you use Hashtags the higher the chances are of your post ranking.

So there is a free tool, which  provides you some of the best Hashtags in every category which is
called - Hashtagify.
Just go there and check out some of the awesome and unique Hashtags. It will help you a lot. Trust me :)

3. Post Timing :-

                         It is one of the most important step to be done before publishing the post on Instagram. Now many of you will ask that How to find the right time to post photos ?
Well if you had seen other posts about - How to increase Instagram Likes and Followers, You must have read about  post timing. 

They will tell you that ( 1 P.M. is right time or 7p.m. ) is the right time. Or they just put an image with Post timing according to various days i.e. Monday, Sundays etc. But there is no need to
memorise the post timing again and again.
Now what you have to do is Just go to your Insights tab on Instagram account as shown below. 


Scroll down and see the audience behaviour there. See on which day your followers are exacty active on Instagram.
It will help you a lot in gaining a lot of likes on your pictures.

4.  Like And Follow Same Niche Account :-

        As you all know that sharing is caring. So you must engaged with the accounts that you follows. So what you have to do exactly to get a large number of followers is to like and follow same NICHE account. it is one of the most obvious ways to get likes and comments.
You can like their photos, comment on their photos and follow their accounts. You have to see the photos related to your NICHE. It will increase your creativity and you can also create valuable content.
However some people use to follow other peoples to get a follow back. 

You just have to go to any of the person's profile and go to is following section and you have to follow those accounts by line.  Then after sometime you can see the sudden increase in your followers rate.
It is one of the common way to get followers.



5. Understanding Instagram Algorithm:-

                                                  If you want to rank your photos and videos higher on the Discover page and want numerous likes and followers on your account then there is a need of understanding Instagram algorithm.
So, here is a trick for you to rank higher on Discover Page,  you must make sure that your post is getting several likes and comments in first 5 to 10 hours after posting the photos. 
These 5 to 10 hours after posting the photos will decide the likes and comments on your photos.
It is a proven method that is used by many influencers some of the persons used to send fake likes after posting the photos for higher ranking on Discover page.

So there are three main components on which Instagram Use to rank Photos on that are below :

1. Interest : Some of you must have noticed that you see images related to your niche everytime when you open
Instagram. This component is totally based on how you have interacted with similar posts in the past time.

2. Recency :  Instagram is no more fully reverse chronological. However Instagram announced in March 2018 that
 it was updating the old algorithm to make sure that NEWER POSTS are more likely to appear first in the feed.
So in this way your feed will look more fresh and you would not miss the creative content.

3. Relationship: It is one of the most important pillar of Instagram algorithm. Instagram analyses the depth of relationship with the person or a brand based on how often you engage with their post by liking and commenting on someone's post.
 So, You will see more of that persons photos and videos in your feed. This ensure that you see content from people who are very close to you and who have a close relationship with you.

6. instagram Stories :-

                             Instagram stories are one of the greatest methods to get more active ,real and authentic followers. You should create beautiful, decorative and creative stories to engage with your audience.
If you are bored with same font styles on Instagrm, You can use this awesome and unique tool - Lingojam.
From this Tool, you can get numerous Font Text to use in Instagram stories. It will enhance your Instgram stories.
 I have also made a video to enhance the Instagram stories and to get real active Instagram followers.
 It can be seen below :-


Bonus Tip :- 

               So here is a Bonus Tip for you all. If you want to be an Instagram Celebrity then You have to do Smart Work. It means that You should post one photo daily with proper Hashtags as mentioned above. 
You should put 5 - 6 stories daily with proper Hashtags. There are great chances of ranking of stories besides Photos. It is the Bonus Tip for you. 
If you apply these Tips in your Instagram schedule then Noone can stop you from becoming a CELEBRITY.


                   So after reading this elaborated post , You must got to know how to get peoples's attention and get free Instagram followers. In this Beautiful Post I told you  6 Methods To Increase Free Instagram followers. So you shouuld apply these 6 methods in your daily Instagram Life and You will see a J-Curve in your Instagram Growth.
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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

How to Get More likes On Facebook Page - 5 Effective Ways To Get Likes On Facebook Page and Profile

Since the founding of Facebook.com , it has grown into a massive social media platform.
Since June, 2017 Facebook had 132 billion daily active users on its platform.This means 17% of entire population of world logs into Facebook every single day. 
So the people out there in every single country need likes and comments on their facebook profile and page. 
A good Facebook page can grow your business very well. So it is very necessary to get facebook likes , comments and engagement with audience in order to grow your business and to show off also to your friends.

So here are the 5 Effective Ways To Get Likes On Facebook Page and Profile :-

 1.  Use Automatic Tools to Get Likes and Comments (Facebook like increaser ) 

You all might know about this method of increasing likes and comments on Facebook. By using Facebook likes and comments increaser you can increaselikes and comments on your Facebook page and on your profile also. So I have also made a video about it. You can see the video here :-    


this is the link of that application you can download it by simply clicking on it - drive.google.com/file/d/11b3JmfHypk9idgqP0CKRFco4TPzFNeH7/view

  Also read - How to increase followers and likes on Instagram - Click Here


2. Use Of Hashtags

 By hearing the word "hashtags" most of the readers will think about Twitter or Instagram. You can also increase your followers on Facebook by using hashtags in your Facebook post.  You can use hashtags related to your post. 
For Example You have something to post about technology. You can use #technology or #tech in your posts. It will really help you a lot in gaining Free Facebook Likes. You can also use an audience focused hashtags. The hashtags are likely used to attract users who are interested in the respective fields. In this case the hashtags will help you a lot.
You can see best of the hashtags for facebook here :-  Hashtagify

3. Host A Giveaway

Giveaways are called the Best way to get free Facebook likes for page . You can host a giveaway on your website using this awesome tool - Rafflecopter.
You can share your giveaways to various Facebook groups or forums , giveaway websites, on your YouTube Channel and of course on your Facebook page.
People are addictive to giveaways. They want free products. So they can like your Facebook page and you can create a big audience base with the help of giveaways.  So make sure to promote your giveaways in all your social media handles. 

4. Create Viral And Unique Content 

By creating viral unique contents, you can increase your audience engagement on your Facebook page. What you have to do is to  create and share memes, funny videos and relatable things like quotes. People would tag their friends in your post , which will help you in increasing social media engagement and will also help you in increasing your likes on Facebook page. These types of funny memes and relatable quotes become viral in a very short period of time and this  will benefit you a lot.

5. Run Facebook Ads 

If you are trying to get Facebook followers and Facebook likes, the obvious solution for this is"Facebook ads"
You can run Engagement ads which will help you in increase the visibility of your content on Facebook. If your ad content is good and if the Facebook users like that content there will engage with your posts and potentially like or follow your Facebook page or post. 
If you want sales from your store with Facebook Ads, you can run a conversion ad and still increase Facebook likes to your page .

So these were the 5 effective ways to get likes on Facebook page and profile. With the help of these methods you can increase engagement with audience and can get Facebook followers and likes.
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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Pro Kabbadi League Auction 2018 : Full List Of Players That Were Bought By PKL Teams

First day of Vivo Pro Kabaddi League season 6 witnessed some captivating actions because 200 players went under the hammer of auction on a single day.  6 players are the costliest players of the season because their contracts exceeded over 1 crore. 
This set a new record in the history of Pro Kabaddi League.

In this auction Iran's Fazel Atharchali was bought from the whooping amount of  Rs. 1 crore. Nitin Tomar went for the high price of 115 lakh  (1.15 crore)

Rahul Chaudhary topped the list of costliest player with huge amount of 129 lakh.
So here's the list of all players bought on that day with their respective teams  :-

1. Bengal Warriors
Raider :
Jang Kun Lee - 33 lakh

Defenders :
Ziaur Rehman - 33.25 lakh

All rounders :
 Ran singh -   43 Lakh
Shrikant tewathia -  25 Lakh

2. Bengaluru Bulls
Raiders :  
 Kashiling Adke - 32 Lakh

Defenders :
Mahender Singh - 40 Lakh

All rounders : 
Dong Ju Hong - 8 Lakh
Gyung Tae kim - 8 Lakh

3. Dabang Delhi KC 
Raiders : 
Pawan Kumar Kadian - 20 Lakh
Khomsan Thongkham- 8 Lakh
Naveen Kumar -  NYP

4. Gujarat Fortune Giants
Raiders :
K Prapanjan - 38 Lakh
Dong Geon Lee- 17.2 Lakh
Lalit Chaudhary - NYP

Defenders :
Parvesh Bhaisnwal - 35 Lakh
Vikram Kandola - NYP

All rounders :
Hardik Oshtarak - 12 Lakh
Anil - NYP

5. Haryana Steelers

 Raiders : 
Monu Goyat - 151 Lakh
Wazir Singh - 20 Lakh
Md. Zakir Hossain - 8.4 Lakh
Arun Kumar HN - NYP

Defenders :
 Surender Nada - 75 Lakh

All rounders :
Patrick Nzau Muvai - 8 Lakh

6.  Jaipur Pink Panthers
Raiders :  
Anup Kumar - 30 Lakh
David Mosambayi - 10 Lakh
Lokes Kaushik - NYP

Defenders :
Mohit Chillar - 58 Lakh
Sandeep Kumar Dhull - 66 Lakh
Young Chnag Ko - 11.4 Lakh
All rounders :
Deepak Niwas Hooda - 115 Lakh

7. Patna Pirates
Raiders :
Deepak Narwal - 57 Lakh

All rounders :
Kuldeep Singh - 22 Lakh
Taedok Eom - 11.4 Lakh
Hyunil Park - 8 Lakh 

8. Puneri Paltan 
Raiders :
Nitin Tomar - 115 Lakh

All rounders :
Takamitsu Kono - 8 Lakh
Sanjay Shreshtha - 8 Lakh
Amit Kumar - NYP

9.Tamil Thalaivas
Raiders :
Sukesh Hegde - 28 lakh
Rajnish - NYP

Defenders : 
Darshan J. - 28 Lakh
Jae Min Lee - 8 Lakh

All rounders :
Manjeet Chillar - 20 Lakh
Chan Sik Park - 8 Lakh

10. Telugu Titans
 Raiders :
Rahul Chaudhari - 129 Lakh
Kamal Singh - NYP
Ankit Beniwal - NYP
Anand - NYP

 Defenders :
Abozar Mighani - 76 Lakh
Farhad Milagardhan - 21.5 Lakh

11. U Mumba
 Raiders :
Abolfazi Maghsodlou - 21 Lakh
Gaurav Kumar - NYP 

Defenders :
Fazel Athrachali - 100 Lakh
Hadi Tajik - 11 lakh

All rounders :
Ananth Kumar - NYP
Mohit Baliyan - NYP

12. U.P. Yoddha
 Raiders :
 Rishank Devadiga - 111 Lakh
Shrikant Jadhav - 37 Lakh
Azad Singh - NYP
Defenders :
Jeeva Kumar - 45 Lakh

All rounders :
Seong Ryeol Kim- 45 Lakh
Arkam Shaikh - NYP

So this was the full list of  players that are bought by the teams in the PKL Auction - 2018.
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10th CBSE Results Are Out Now. Check Out The Toppers With Their Percentages.

After the results of 12th CBSE board, It is the time for 10th result. In 12th CBSE Boards Result Meghna Srivastava topped all India but let's check out who topped in 10th class.
For your kind knowledge, there is not one topper ,there are 4 Students you have topped the CBSE class 10th.
16,38,420 students appeared for the exams and the percentage of passing students is 86.70 .

The Four Toppers are :-
1.  Prakhar mittal  - DPS, Gurugram
2. Rimjhim Agrawal - RP Public School, Bijnor
3. Nandini Garg - Scottish International School, Shamli
4. Sreelakshmi G - Bhavan 's Vidyalaya, Coachin

So these were joint toppers of CBSE class 10th who scored 499 marks out of 500 .When we talk about pass percentage then Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai, Ajmer and Delhi are the Topper in this field.
Thiruvananthapuram has the highest pass percentage of 99.60% and on the other way Chennai got 97.37 pass percentage and Ajmer has 91.86%

Out of 16,38,420  22,476 students scored above  95% and 1,31,493 students have scored above 90% so this is a milestone.
And as of now 2nd and 3rd rank have not been declared by the CBSE.
You can check your results here
And Yes Many Many Congratulations to the toppers and all the students also. 
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Sunday, 27 May 2018

Petrol Prices Of 50 Countries Around the Globe. Check Out Where India Stands

In different parts of the world commodities price differ. And so it is in the case of petrol. As you all know that in India the price of petrol is very high. So just check out petrol prices of Fifty countries around the globe and check where India stands :-

Trends keep changing time to time and so is the price of things.
Well you will be surprised if I will tell you that the price of petrol in Venezuela is 0.58 rupees per liter. isn't it too cheap ?
So here we are presenting the prices of petrol across the globe. I will tell you the price of petrol in 50 countries including India . In India prices of petrol is Rs. 80/Ltr (as per the date 27th may 2018).
 The data gathered from official sources so just take a look where India stands ?
 COUNTRY                     PRICES / LTR
1.  Venezuela                      0.58
2. Sudan                             23.24
3. Kuwait                           23.64
5. Iran                                24.49
6. Algeria                          24.59
7. Egypt                             25.70
8. Ecuador                         26.60
9. Nigeria                          28.53
10. Syria                            29.73
11. Bahrain                        36.05
12. Kazakhstan                 36.45
13. Uzbekistan                 36.52
14. Saudi Arabia              37.00
15. Qatar                           37.37
16. Malaysia                     37.72
17. Oman                          39.23
18. Iraq                             42.97
19. UAE                           43.90
20. Burma                        44.05
21. Indonesia                   44.66
22. Ethiopia                     46.40
23. Afghanistan               46.45
24. Belarus                      46.75
25.Russia                         48.98
26. Tunisia                       49.80
27. Pakistan                      51.64
28. Columbia                   54.80
29. Bhutan                        57.02
30. USA                           57.56
31. Lebanon                     62.51
32. Namibia                     62.85
33. Vietnam                     63.27
34. Sri Lanka                   63.77
35. Georgia                      64.25
36. Fiji                             67.98
37. Taiwan                       68.50
38. Nepal                         68.74
39. Mexico                      69.10
40. Ghana                       69.46
41. Paraguay                   70.13
42. Bangladesh               71.69
43. Philippines               72.29
44. Kenya                      73.68
45. Cambodia                73.98
46. Australia                  74.29
47. Mauritania               76.75
48. Ukraine                   76.79
49. Argentina                77.60
50. South Africa           79.68
51. Costa Rica              73.72
52. Thailand                  79.79
53. Brazil                      80.10
54. India                       80.22
55. China                     80.90

Sadly the price of petrol in India is very high that is Rs. 80 rupees per liter. Do you think that it is a high amount when it is compared to Venezuela ?

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Check Out IPL Prize money for runners up and Winners. Full list of prizes out now

IPL 2018 has reached to its final stage. Today in the evening , we will get to know who is the winner of IPL 2018. The final match is between CSK 9 Chennai Super Kings) vs SRH (Sunriserd Hyderabad). The final match is in Wankhede Stadium , Mumbai. The winner will take the trophy to their home.
Both team captains have their own plans to win the  final match.
On the one hand there is Kane Williamson and on the other hand there is our M.S Dhoni

However there are many prizes apart from the IPL Trophy.
The prizing money that winning team will get is 20 Crore. Runners up will get an amount of 12.5 Crore.  It is such a huge amount.

Here is the list of cash prizes that will be given to players:-
1. Winner team - 20 Crore Rupee

2. Runners up team - 12.5 Crore Rupee

3. Orange Cap - 10 Lakh Rupee and trophy

4. Purple Cap - 10 Lakh Rupee and trophy

5. Vivo Perfect catch of season - 10 Lakh Rupee, trophy and a      VIVO V9 Smartphone.

6. Tata Nexon Super Striker of the Season - Tata Nexon Car and a Trophy

7. Star Plus Nayi Soch Season Award - 10 Lakh Rupee and a Tophy.

8. FBB Stylish Player of the Season - 10 L
akh Rupee and a Tophy.

9. Most Valuable Player - 10 Lakh Rupee and a Trophy.

10. Emerging Player- 10 Lakh Rupee .

11. Paytm Fair Play Award - Trophy.

Some prizes of the league matches :-

12. Vivo Perfect Catch Of the Match  - 1 Lakh Rupee Per Match.

13. Tata Nexon Super Striker of the Match - 1 Lakh Rupee Per Match and Trophy.

14. FBB Stylish Player of the Match - 1 Lakh Rupee Per Match
and Trophy.

15. Star Plus Nayi Soch Match Award - 1 Lakh Rupee Per Match
and Trophy.

16. Man Of the Match :- League Matches - 1 Lakh Rupee Per Match and a Trophy.

So this was a along list of awards and cash prizes that will be given today's evening after the match. This list proves that there is no lack of money in any field whether it is sports or technology. So what you have to do is to create a skill in yourself. This was the mission of this article.
So which team are you supporting ? Is it CSK or SRH
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Abby Viral Age, Height, Business, family, Biography And More - wiki

Abhinav Prateek also known as Abby viral is an Indian You Tuber and a Business tycoon. He is extremely popular in the youth. His YouTube channel's name is Abby Viral in which he uploads regular motivational videos which are worth watching.
He is also a motivational rapper. His raps are awesome. I am personally big fan of him and his raps.

Check out Abby viral age height family biography facts and more


Abby viral aka Abhinav Prateek was born on 11th May 1994 in Delhi. At the very raw age of childhood he wanted to earn money. 
His dream car was Lamborghini Aventador (WORTH 5.01 CRORE INR). From the beginning of his childhood he was very lazy child. He did not want to study. He often ask her mom that in which profession there is huge money so her
mother told that Aeroplane's pilot earns more but for that you have to study hard.
But he did not want to study hard. He did not want to make career in education or in Engineering or something like that.
He wanted to get rid of this rat race of jobs.
According to Abby Viral - "THE BEST WAY TO FIND A JOB IS TO CREATE IT"
He is deeply inspired by Jeff bezos in business.
For your knowledge Jeff bezos is the world's richest person.
He is the CEO of amazon.com


Height (approx) - 5' 8" or 172 cm
WEIGHT (approx) - 75 kg or 165 pounds
Eye Colour - Black
Hair Colour - Black

Abby Viral is a school pass out. He is from the science stream, later on he drop out an Engineering College.


Abby viral is Hindu by religion. He has a small and nuclear family. His father's name is Mr Ashok Kumar Jha, he is a lawyer in Delhi High Court.
His mother's name is Ranjana who is a teacher in Government Primary School.
In short he comes from a well fed and educated family where all the family members are in government jobs but he decided to do business because he did not want to do job. He wanted to do business to change the world...


He is currently running a startup named Huppme.com which is India's best gifting company. 
The tagline of Huppme is "We Touch Emotions".
He has a YouTube channel also with the name Abby viral where he uploads some motivational videos including motivational raps and songs. He is very popular in youths.


According to him on his birthday a friend of him gifted him luxury watch of around 4000 rupees but on his friends birthday he can't decided what to give him.
so he thought that there is a problem in the society that
"Everyone Measure The Gift On The Basis Of Money No One Measure The Gift On The Basis Of Love", so he decided to start the Huppme.com to show the
emotions behind the gifts.

Abby Viral With His Team


  • His first income was from MLM (Multi Level Marketing) which was of 1800 rupees. He gifted greeting cardsand cake to his parents from. They became very happy:)
  • Currently he has a Scooty named Honda Navi.  
  •  He runs a best gifting company Huppme.com which is a gifting company.
  • He started Huppme.com with the Limited amount of 8000 INR.
  • At the beginning of his startup he delivered the gifts as a delivery boy.
  • One day when he was going to send the gifts to the customers, he was seriously ill, because he had a high fever. But he did his duty and delievered the gifts
  • His dream car is Lamborghini AventadorHe is going to buy this car by the end of this year. The price of Lamborghini Aventador is 5.01 crore INR.
  • He also opened a Momos stall outside the Jaipur college from where he earned a decent amount of money

Some Of His Songs:-

Entrepreneur Anthem :- https://youtu.be/p1MCVr5nvN0