Friday, 28 July 2017

5 Tips To Reduce Your Stage Fear

                        5 Tips To Reduce Your Stage Fear

By - Happy Yadav

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Most of us have Stage fear which sometimes becomes difficulty for us. But it is not difficult to get rid of it. Here are some of the most helpful 10 tips for you to reduce your  Stage Fear : -

   1. Know Your Stuff


  If you want to reduce your stage fear then the most important thing is to know your topic , your speech, your content and most importantly your audience.

Understanding your topic will enable you to speak naturally with confidence.  If you want to speak fluently and unhesitatingly then the most important thing for you is make your speech natural.


   2. Practice, Practice, Practice

Rehearsing again and again will improve the performance and it will boost up the confidence level which is very necessary.
Really know your content inside out and practice (preferably in front of a live audience) as much as possible to build your confidence. And don't forget that Practice makes a man perfect :)

3. Mirror Talking 


Stand in front of mirror and practice more and more. It will boost your confidence level and you would become like MR. NARENDRA MODI AND DR. VIVEK BINDRA which are very powerful in public speaking.

 4. Arrive Early at the place

Obviously, if you are late, this will only increase pressure on you. Arrive early and acclimate to your surroundings. You can even check out the stage and the auditorium.
Make yourself feel better and comfortable at the stage surroundings by arriving there early.  It will boost up you and confidence.

5. Positive Thoughts

Think about your strengths and focus on them. Be surrounded with the optimistic people who spread positive and who share their experience with you. Be surrounded with the positive people. Make an environment of POSITIVENESS around you.

These were few tips which will help you and will improve your Stage performance with an applause.

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