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25 Rare Pics Of India-Pakistan Partition In 1947

Warning - This post contains Graphics. Viewers discretion is advised

How many of you are aware of the partition?
 yeah you got it India - Pakistan partition. So after we got the freedom from the jackals of slavery of British rule , India and Pakistan partition happened.
The partition where's the division of British India in 1947.
The partition involve the division of 323 States- Assam , Bengal , punjab.
Because majority hindus and muslims were living in these states.
 A lot of population moved from here to there as a result 25 million population shifted here to there and there to here.

So many religious riot and act of oppressions held.
As a result an evil looked all around. Lot of people were killed in this partition.
This was a bad news in the history...

This Evil took the lives of many people in India and in as well as Pakistan. This was a heart rending action
So here we are sharing some heart rending pictures of Indo - Pakistan partition :-

Again Warning - PLEASE. see these pictures on your own we are not responsible for any other actions

1. Millions Of Peoples Finding New Homes :

2. Family Partitioned From Their Son  :

3. Countless Bodies Were Buried Here and There : 

4. A Mother Who Is Lost In The Thoughts Of Partition With A Child 

5. OH MY GOD : 

6. Souls Turned Into Dust When Other Are Passing :

7. A Lake Of Blood :

8. Thousand Of People Board The Uncertainty Express :

9. Carrying The Loved Ones :

10. When The Life Gave Up : 

11. The North Western Railways :

12.  Ya Allah :

13. Another Side Of Life :

14. The Residue Of Peoples Generated Plague In The Streets :

15. On Railway Track :

16. The Expression That Perfectly Describes the Partition Pain :

17. The Journey To The New Land :

18. Full Of Tears :

19. You Cannot See This : 

20. The Weakness Of Peoples :

21. These Things Left After The Chaos : 

22.   The DEADS That Are Living :

23. Walking  Towards The Future : 

24.They Are Very Hungry :

25. VULTURES Feed Off The Dead :

Here we shared some heart rending pictures of India Pakistan partition.
My grandfather who was a kid at the time of the partition tells me that it was a heartrending action between India and Pakistan
Both country love each other but this was the action of British rule who was dismentaling itself from Asia and this partition lead to permanent dysfunction of India and Pakistan
 It lead to a major loss of property and lives.

All Photos Have Been Compiled From India TV

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