Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Monsoon Hacks That Will Make You Enjoy The Rainy Season

The Best thing One Can Do When It Is Raining Is To Let It Rain
                                                                         - Henry Wadsworth

You all have heard about Monsoon season. It is also known as Rainy season. I personally love this season. This season occurs in June to September ( IN INDIA ). I personally love this season. 
But we have to face a lot of difficulties in this season like wet smartphones , mosquitoes etc. which increases our problem.
But don't worry. We will tell you about some of the coolest monsoon hacks of all time :-
1. To Dry Your Phone :-

When your smartphone is wet due to rain drops then you don't need to be sad. What you have to do is wipe your smartphone with wet cloth and put it in a boul full of rice. Rice is a water absorber .
It will automatically absorb water from your smartphone.
Now chill...

2. Use Of Ginger, Lime And Honey : -

 Ginger , lime and Honey are the nectar for us in monsoon season. Drinking hot masala ginger tea is a blessing for us and  and a nectar for us as well as. The combination of these ingredients help us to keep fit in rainy season.

3. To Keep The Flies Away

If you are tired of the creepy flies during rainy season then this trick is very helpful for you. What you have to do is to cut a lemon and insert two cloves in it and put this in your window. It will magically stop the flies entering your house. It is a tested way to keep flies away from you.

4. To keep moisture away from your closet : - 

In the rainy season, due to moisture, the wardrobes catch moisture. This makes clothes smelly. Thus, in order to keep them moisture-free, you can put cloves and naphthalene balls in your closet.

5. Water Proof Shoes :-

This is a trick that will help you in being presentable all the time, even when you are out. What you have to do is to rub wax  on your shoes. It will make them waterproof.

 6. To tame frizzy hair :- 

Rainy season is a time when moisture gets into the hair and makes them frizzy and unmanageable. If you want to smoothen them , take a little face cream and rub it against your palm and rub it with your hairs. It will make them smooth.

7. Smelly Foot  

If you are tired of smelling feet in monsoon then this hack is for you. Rub some anti - fungal creame on your feet and wash them regularly. It will keep them fungus free and anti - smelly. Now Enjoy :)

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